Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is reclaimed oak flooring?

A: It is oak that has either been cut from old oak beams or lifted from period houses.

Q: Why is reclaimed oak so much more expensive than traditional oak?

A: The cost is all based on the availability of material. Reclaimed Oak is sourced old oak while traditional oak is produced from new oak.

About Reclaimed Oak and Salvage Pine Floorboards

Q: How do I look after my floorboards once they've been laid?

A: There is no need to resand your boards once they have been laid. We recommend you use Bri wax, which is a blend of Beeswax and Carnauba wax and gives a natural sheen to floors and skirtings, while also cleaning and protecting the wood. We stock Bri wax which can be used on oak or pine

Q: Do you supply reclaimed oak and salvaged pine floorboards in long lengths?

A: We can provide a bespoke solution for floorboards. We have manufactured and delivered up to 6m long floorboards but please note, a request for long lengths may result in a delay on delivery, as it is subject to availability of source material.

Q: Does Original Oak provide a floor laying service?

A: Original Oak can provide a full floor laying service but it is an additional cost subject to the size and scale of each project.

About Reclaimed Oak Doors

Q: Do you make bespoke oak doors?

A: We can provide a bespoke solution on request.

Q: Do I provide you with the measurements for my door?

A: We are happy to visit you to take down all the relevant measurements.

Q: Can I choose any ironmongery for my door?

A: You can only choose from our ironmongery range which includes several styles.

Q: Do you provide a door hanging service?

A: We don't, but we will provide you with details of people who provide that service.